Friday, March 18, 2011

We had a GREAT turnout last night for "Yamasong" @ The Hive Gallery & Studio in L.A.! Full house of mostly young artists connected with the Hive Gallery (fantastic art space!) -discussed the artist's lifestyle, conceptualizing scale and sculpture, the critical role of music in film. I even got into a little about Gaston Bachelard's "Poetics of Space" - a book I read in art school. Deep reading on art philosophy, but very inspiring stuff!

Shoji Kameda of On Ensemble, "Yamasong's" composer was great partner on the talkback - I always get excited by his energy and enthusiasm! He and I tag-teamed how we met (at a live puppet show I did called "The Fox Lantern") and the coincidental overlap in his creating a song about climbing a mountain and my deriving a fantastic journey up a mountain without him telling me that's what the song was about!

And after the talkback we sat down for a screening of "The Dark Crystal", which is always inspiring to watch! Love that film!

NEXT UP: Handmade Puppet Dreams at Newport Beach Film Festival on May 1st. Mark your calendars and come see highlights of the Handmade Puppet Dreams series!

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