Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Moonfishing" Wins Audience Award!

We just got great news that David Michael Friend's "Moonfishing" won the Short Film Audience Award at Newport Beach Film Festival! Congratulations to David on his award. Well done!

For more on "Moonfishing" visit the official website at:

Friday, May 6, 2011

Newport Beach Film Festival

What a great celebration of puppet films! We screened nine Handmade Puppet Dreams, with four filmmakers in attendance - David Michael Friend (Moonfishing), Scotty Shoemaker (Harker), myself Sam K. Hale (Yamasong) and Kevin McTurk (Narrative of Victor Karloch). Other filmmaker's shorts included Matty Sidle, Paul Andrejco, Genevieve Anderson, Steve Johnson, Frankie Cordero and Lyon Hill. Afterward, we were treated to the new documentary "Puppet", which shows filmmaker David Soll's outsider's look into the work of Dan Hurlin and Co. as they develop the show "Disfarmer". Very intriguing and revealing as to the hurdles, challenges, and longing for respect in live puppet theater. I highly recommend it.