Flight: A Crane's Story

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Heather Henson’s Flight: A Crane's Story explores nature’s deepest mysteries and the spiritual essence in the cycle of life on Earth through the story of a crane named Awaken. Due to environmental changes brought about by human activity, Awaken's family left abruptly on their annual journey south. Now orphaned, the young crane must somehow learn to fly and navigate in order to do what her family does naturally: migrate!

Imprinting is a rapid learning process which takes place in young precocial birds. Imprinting occurs when young birds follow and identify the first large moving object they see as a parent. They learn their parents' behavioral and physical characteristics and gain impressions which remain with them for life. The process of imprinting is still not well understood.
~From the International Crane Foundation website

Awaken encounters windstorms, directional loss, and loneliness without her mother and father. Yet even with the help of Mother Earth and ancient Turtle Wisdom to guide her to her path, it isn’t until Awaken listens to her own heart, consults her inner compass, and discovers her special gifts that she is able to rejoin her family. Together, the crane family is able to complete their annual journey again and again.

This interactive performance uses puppetry, kiting, and music from indigenous North America. To learn more about our musical partners, the inter-tribal Red Road Warriors, please visit here

As Awaken the crane crosses from adolescence to adulthood, let us be reminded to care for the Earth and for one another. We are all connected in this great circle of life.

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