Panther & Crane

Panther & Crane is a mesmerizing, expressionistic journey through our Earth's waterways. Soaring puppets, beautiful projections, and fluid movement envelope you in a universe of mythical imagery and dreamlike metaphor. Delve into the world of migrating cranes and pacing panthers as they dance through challenges threatening their way of life.

“A gorgeous and moving piece...”
~The Orlando Sentinel 

Panther and Crane is, at its heart, the story of a young crane’s journey of survival through Florida’s ecosystem — its wild places and its sprawling man-made landscapes. Through puppetry, dance, and kites sailing above the stage and the audience, Panther & Crane shares how human development endangered cranes, and how their technology helped bring the birds back from the brink of extinction.

"So many of the environmental stories today are negative and sad. I feel like this particular topic is one of such hope: an amazing example of how humans are actually helping, and how humans are learning so much from the birds."
~Heather Henson 

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