IBEX Puppetry

IBEX Puppetry is devoted to health and healing for the planet through artistic spectacle, outreach, and devotion to the fine art of puppetry.

Founded in 2000 by Creative Director Heather Henson, IBEX Puppetry is based in Central Florida, but maintains activities in Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY. IBEX Puppetry produces Heather Henson’s original works, including:
    ✗  Environmental Spectacles
IBEX's original performances and outreach have been recognized with UNIMA Citations of Excellence as well as awards from festivals and organizations around the world. 

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IBEX also nurtures the creation and continuance of contemporary puppetry by independent artists through the following initiatives: 

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Press Information
  • For more information on our Creative Director Heather Henson, visit here
  • Logos are available for download here (credits & descriptions contained in photo file metadata) (coming soon)
  • Video previews and features on our projects are available for browsing here
  • Additional media requests  and send to our Digital Media Producer at Jack.Fields@ibexpuppetry.com
  • To arrange interviews, media appearances, quotes, or additional promotional materials, contact our Marketing and Public Relations Director at Hannah.Miller@ibexpuppetry.com