Monday, March 28, 2011

Puppet Slam circuit around NYC!

Puppet Slam Network SLAM ALERT!

There are several puppet slams occurring just a few hours away from one another over the course of one week.  It's great to see slam curators coordinating to create circuits like this so that performers can travel short distances to share their craft with each other as well as new audiences.  Check it out:

Hey, we're so helpful, we even mapped all the theaters for you:

If you are arranging, performing at, or just curious about Puppet Slams, you should sign up for the Puppet Slam Network email list.  Every month you'll get an update about what Puppet Slams are happening, when, and where!

If you host (or are planning to host) a Puppet Slam, you can contact to have your event added to the Puppet Slam Network's database.  To learn more about the Puppet Slam Network, go to the Puppet Slam Network homepage!

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