Friday, March 11, 2011

Davey Rocker Mania!

Watching the Davey Rocker Barnyard Jam show is difficult.  Difficult to focus on, I mean, because the swarm of toddlers leaping about the stage will distract you with their joyful jumps and delightful dance moves.  See for yourself in this video, compiled during their 2010 Orlando Puppet Festival performance at Lake Eola:

The Barnyard Jam is the collaboration of Orlando-area locals David Schweizer and a few local puppeteers/builder, including John Kennedy (no, not THAT John Kennedy--this one) and "Wavy Davy" Jordan. The bright, charming character of John Kennedy's puppets (featured in the video above) immediately set the mood for positivity and fantasy. No surprise, since Kennedy has been an official Muppeteer for years and penned two books on puppet-building.  Jordan is a prop and puppet maker as well as a Nickelodeon veteran.  His clever caterpillar can be seen in this clip:

Schweizer has put his considerable skills as a songwriter and performer to work to create kid-friendly music that can be enjoyed by adults, too.  Known for his original pop music as well as his legendary bluegrass shows, he is also respected as a producer (he owns and manages Richter Records & Studio).  TIP:  If you listen closely to the catchy, upbeat songs in The Barnyard Jam's repertoire, you will recognize the voice of local folk queen Terri Binion!

Bring your kids or just treat your inner child to the Davey Rocker's Barnyard Jam at the Winter Park Art Festival!  It's March 19th (that's a Saturday) at 1:15 PM. 

by Hannah

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  1. Davey Rocker & the Barn Yard Jam is a Blessing
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