Celebration of Flight

How do birds learn to fly?

"Celebration of Flight" is a spectacle designed by Heather Henson. Giant dragonflies, cranes, and the spirits of the air will descend to earth when called by drums and noisemakers of the audience. Families will play music, fly kites, and dance along with the creatures that fill our sky as part of the performance. 
The sky is the stage with this spectacular performance. There is vulnerability, pathos, and triumph expressed...in my 10 years of experience producing programming in an art museum and park setting, there have been only a handful of presentations I know our visitors will never forget. "Celebration of Flight" is one of those. 
~Anne Laker, Indianapolis Museum of Art
The show opens with dancers intent on keeping our Earth in balance with the motion of the elements. The Earth soon hatches, birthing a baby whooping crane. The story unfolds as the hatched  chick discovers the world around her; chasing dragonflies, finding worms, and even getting swarmed by black flies. The flow of the natural world around the young chick guides her growth, teaching her to walk, hop, and finally make short flights. Soon she joins the greater migration of the elder cranes and uncovers her global role in the dance of the planet's seasonal tilt.

"Celebration of Flight" was evidence of top-class entertainment...a remarkable display of aerial artistry...an effective combination of dance, puppetry and kites.
~Paul F.P. Pogue, NUVO News
Unifying the concepts of dance, kite, and puppet movement with her themes of seasonal movement and the Earth's energy flow, "Celebration of Flight" is the latest of Heather Henson's environmental spectacles. Awarded Best Show at the 21st UNIMA Congress & World Puppetry Festival in Chengdu, China [June 2012], the show features puppets, kites, and flags both from independent artists as well as the Jim Henson Creature Shop and Guildworks.
Audience members of all ages were engaged in the journey the cranes made... it was a unique experience and provided a new outlet to educate visitors at the wildlife refuge. 
~Amber Breland, Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge 
Heather Henson is a committed conservationist and Board Member for the International Crane Foundation. Her love for both the science and spirituality of our Earth has led her to explore the life of the endangered whooping crane and its environment in "Celebration of Flight." The show artfully weaves together the elements, plants, and creatures in this microcosm of our biosphere as a way to illustrate the interdependence of all life on Earth. Interactive components pull the audience directly into the show, nurturing connections where few words are used but much is shared. 

Where can I see videos of "Celebration of Flight?"
  • Additional videos of past performances can be found on our YouTube Channel under the playlist "Celebration of Flight"
  • If you would like a high-quality download of any of these videos for promotional use, please use the subject line "video request" and send to info@ibexpuppetry.com
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